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Sales by State Officials/Employees to State Agencies


Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68B.3 as amended by 2010 Iowa Acts, SF2067, an official or employee, as part of private sector employment, cannot sell a good/service to a state agency in excess of $2,000 unless there was a competitive bid for the good/service and this form filed with the Board within 20 days of the sale.

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Asrun Yr Kristmundsdottir
Patrick J. Reed
Walter R. Fehr (2013)
Susan R. Oltrogge
Mimi Wagner
Walter R. Fehr (2014)
Lois Schmitz
Jennifer James
Lois Schmitz (2014-2)
Walter R. Fehr (2014-2)
Lois Schmitz (2015)
Lois Schmitz (2015-2)
Milan Sonka (2015)
Walter R. Fehr (2015)
Lois Schmitz (2015-3)
Lois Schmitz (2015-4)
Lois Schmitz (2015-5)
Lois Schmitz (2016)


Click here to view Iowa Code section 68B.3.