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*The system has a 20 minute logout. Be sure to logout when finished, or you may get a re-direct error or unexpected error if you try to login prior to the timeout period.

The following links will let you navigate directly to help pages for specific filing areas.

Campaign Finance:

Lobbyist/Client: Lobbyists and clients will now file on the legislative website. Lobbyists will indicate on their registrations that they are also lobbying the executive branch.

DISCLAIMER: This is abbreviated "help" and is not intended to be legal advice or a restatement of every campaign finance statute or rule. Please refer to Iowa Code chapters 68A and 68B, the Board's rules in Chapter 351 of the Iowa Administrative Code, or contact the Board's staff for a complete listing of all relevant statutes and rules. Referring to the fact that a particular statute or rule was not included in this "help" section will not act as a defense if a complaint is filed with the Board.

The following sections contain links to other reference, information, and instructions that will aid in Electronic Filing with IECDB:

Getting Started:

Reporting Dates:

Iowa Code and Rules: