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How Filed and When


These pages allow you to view when a report was received and how it was filed.

The information is available in an Excel spreadsheet. It may be saved to your computer where you can then sort by using the "Data" link at the top, choose "Sort," and then enter your specific sort criteria.*


*This information is no longer collected as all campaign reports, including county/local with over $2,000 in activity, are filed electronically by mandate.


2010 (Includes January 19, 2011)
2009 (Includes January 19, 2010)
2008 (Includes January 19, 2009)
2007 (Includes January 19, 2008)
2006 (Includes January 19, 2007)
2005 (Includes January 19, 2006)
2004 (Includes January 19, 2005)


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