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An Introduction to Iowa Inheritance Tax

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Mortality Tables

The 2005 Code of Iowa updated the mortality tables from 1980 standards to 2001 standards. In our online Tax Research Library, the tables still appear after chapter 450. In the actual Code books, the tables are now at the end of Vol. VI, immediately following chapter 915. This was an editorial change by the Code editor and not the result of any legislation.

The change is effective for deaths occurring on or after July 1, 2004.

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Forms - PDFs

IA Inheritance Tax Check List 60-007

IA 706 tax return only 60-008

IA 706 instructions only 60-066

Inheritance Tax Rate Schedule

Schedule A 60-002

Schedule B 60-003

Schedule C 60-004

Schedule D 60-082

Schedule E 60-005

Schedule F 60-006

Schedule G/H 60-073

Schedule I 60-083

Schedule J 60-084

Schedule K 60-085

Mortality Tables

Application for Extension of Time to File 60-027

Election and Application for Deferral of Inheritance Tax 60-038

Application for Release of Inheritance Tax Lien 60-047

Inheritance Consent/Waiver of Lien 60-014