Property Tax - Opinion - Assessment Roll Notices

To: Iowa Assessors

From: Dale Hyman, Administrator, Property Tax Division

Date: April 10, 2008

Subject: Policy statement regarding assessment rolls

I want to clarify the Department of Revenue's position regarding assessment roll requirements. Cary Halfpop spoke of various requirements at fall ISAC last year. He followed that up with an article in “The Compass” last December. The focus was to make sure your assessment roll shows a total value for each parcel, including any partial exemption amount. This has always been Department policy.

The assessment rolls have been unchanged for years. The standard single parcel form initially approved by the Department has been posted on the ISAA website for at least six years.

Click on to view this form. Alternate Parcel No., Neighborhood, Special Notice, and Previous Assessment have been considered optional information in the past. The last paragraph of the sample form refers to the Director of Revenue and Finance. The “and Finance” was dropped from the agency name a few years ago and should also be reflected on your forms.

Two new requirements are the inclusion of exemption amounts (or adjustments) and prior year assessment information. As you can see from the assessment roll in the above link, both of these items were included on the original form as optional. These items are necessary components of a quality assessment roll and should be provided to the property owner. You must include exemption and prior year assessment information on your assessment rolls in the future. A full value, adjustment or exemption amount, and value after adjustments should all be included.

Our objective is to give complete and accurate information to property owners in a uniform manner on the assessment roll. If you have any questions regarding assessment rolls, please contact Cary Halfpop, Chief Appraiser, at (515) 281-4780 or

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