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Message from the Director

Maintaining the confidentiality of tax information is not only a statutory requirement but is critical to our Department retaining the confidence of taxpayers that the information we receive will be maintained securely. We have all read of instances where information which had been removed from the workplace was compromised by the theft or loss of hardware. The Department intends to prevent confidential information from being disclosed or compromised. The Department has a strict policy on the removal of confidential information from the workplace to prevent any such occurrence. This policy applies to all confidential tax return information whether it exists in paper or electronic format.

The Department intends to further enhance our security through the implementation of additional safeguards:

  • Complete a comprehensive review of the security of assets maintained by the agency by July 2007. Provide security awareness training. Maintain secure infrastructure, including timely installation of software upgrades consistent with security requirements. Inventory data resources and establish criteria for evaluating the data retention policies of these various information assets by January 2007.
  • Implement procedures for ensuring enhanced security policies including encryption where appropriate.

It is our goal to safeguard the confidentiality of your information.

Mark R. Schuling

Streamlined Sales Tax Project Update

As of September, 2006 there were 765 businesses signed up to participate in the project. This does not count the 20 or so businesses that have been supporting the project since 2002.

At the last SSTP Governing Board meeting, held in Bismarck, ND on August 28 - 31, Vermont and Rhode Island were voted in as full member states to become effective January 1, 2007. This brings the total number of full member states to 15 and total number of associate member states to 6. Associate member states will have to be fully compliant with the project by January 1, 2008 .

The project now has 3 certified service providers (CSP): Taxware, Exactor, and Avalara. The CSP tax calculation software has been tested and certified by all SSTP states and is now available to all model 1 sellers. The CSP will act on behalf of the seller in the collection and remittance of tax, as well as filing reports for the seller.

Taxware has also been tested and approved as a certified automated system (CAS). The CAS will make available, to all model 2 businesses, software that will calculate taxes in all states and all jurisdictions. The project is still working out the details for (CAS) compensation.

Tips on using eFile & Pay

Are you getting a “thank you” message and you haven't finished filing? This is because you are using the Enter key on your computer instead of the Continue button provided in eFile & Pay. Be sure to use the buttons in eFile & Pay and not the Enter, Backspace or arrow buttons on your computer. Quarterly sales tax filers: We hear from users that eFile & Pay won't calculate for them. One reason the system won't calculate is if you put an amount on the exemptions line but do not specify which exemption or exemptions apply.

More tips are available on our Web site at http://www.state.ia.us/tax/business/EFilePayFilingTips.html

“How To” advice on using eFile & Pay

Do you forget how to use eFile & Pay from one quarter to the next?

Notes on how to file withholding and sales tax quarterly returns are now online.

Withholding: http://www.state.ia.us/tax/business/44015.pdf

Sales: http://www.state.ia.us/tax/business/32040.pdf

Legislative Summary

The 2006 legislative summary is now online at http://www.state.ia.us/tax/taxlaw/06legsum.html

Registering for a tax permit

When applying for sales tax or withholding tax permit online, don't forget to go to the top of the second page of the application and click on “GET PIN.” Print your PIN (personal identification number) information. If you need to quit in the middle of applying, you can exit and then continue later using the PIN.    

Classes About Iowa Business Taxes

Are you a new business? Or just need to know more? Our tax classes are held all year statewide.

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